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HDS . The Sawmill Tool Company

Sawmill Tools for Sawmills

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A number of distance rings and system components as well as the SPINCUT milling shaft butt end reducer, the CANTERCUT chipper canter and the PROFILCUT profiler cutters complete our “Sawmill tools” product range.

We manufacture HDS circular saw blades, segments, knives and components for Baljer & Zembrod, Bruks, Carmanah Kadant, Costa Righi, EWD, Haas, Hombak, Holtec, Hundegger, Kallfass, Klöckner, Linck, Möhringer, Pallmann, Paul, Raimann, Rudnick & Enners, SAB, Söderhamn, Springer, USNR, Vecoplan and Veisto HewSaw machines, among others.