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BASIC circular saw blades

Our BASIC already defines the HDS quality standard

BASIC is the result of decades of experience which continuously impacted the development process of the technologies used. So you now have a highly optimised, and tried and tested circular saw blade with numerous optional refinements.

We already draw on the highest quality materials when manufacturing the saw body. The respective heat treatments we select support the high HDS standard.

BASIC is manufactured precisely to your needs, so every piece of information about the specific operating conditions at your sawmill impacts the construction of your BASIC.

The additional application of our CoolCut option further perfects the performance of the circular saw blade with regard to optimal chip transport, preventing excess heating, reducing the kerf, extending the service life and/or increasing the feed rate.

We manufacture BASIC circular saw blades for Costa Righi, EWD, Linck, Möhringer, Paul, Raimann, SAB, USNR and Veisto HewSaw machines, among others.

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BASIC circular saw blades

Extremely smooth running

Even our BASIC is extremely smooth running, achieved by incorporating the internal tensioning in the special saw body style. These exemplary running properties contribute to increasing the stability of the circular saw blade.

Deflection-free cuts

Even at a peak load our BASIC keeps its shape, since the optional expansion slots with optional end hole or expansion slots with copper rivets limit thermal expansion. This ensures deflection-free cuts.

Reduced blade heating

In most cases the BASIC blade features TCT chip clearance slots, significantly reducing heating of the saw body. Our special geometry and the machined contour of the chip clearance slots ensure very little sawdust collects.

Reduced kerf

Select the option “CoolCut” or “double CoolCut” to reduce the kerf. A reduction is then applied to the outside of the saw blade, reducing excessive heating to the point the overall construction can be designed with an even thinner kerf.