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HDS . The Sawmill Tool Company

CROSSCUT circular saw blades

Designed for rough log yard applications

CROSSCUT is designed for log yard chopping using interchangeable tungsten carbide tipped inserts. The standard hollow-ground tungsten carbide tooth has a cutting width of 12.9 mm. Varying inserts with ground bevel angle, yielding the classic Alternate Top Bevel tooth, may optionally be used.

Its robust 9 mm thick saw body ensures the CROSSCUT also remains stable under cross forces. It is further true-running and smooth, yielding a significantly longer service life.

The positive locking saw body connection with only one rivet each delivers quick and easy inserts changes. Copper riveted expansion slots and triple copper riveted, vibration-reducing laser patterns yield maximum noise reduction.

We manufacture CROSSCUT circular saw blades for Holtec, Linck and Springer machines, among others.

HDS CROSSCUT circular saw blades PDF
CROSSCUT circular saw blades

The HDS plus factors of CROSSCUT

Improved performance under cross-forces

The very robust, 9 mm thick saw body style increases stability to cross-forces which may occur in chopping. Its stability allows CROSSCUT to effectively absorb these impacts.

Improved true-running precision

The single piece inserts milled using CNC precision, which accurately fit the precisely milled pockets in the saw body with guide, result in particularly high accuracy, ensuring improved true-running. This significantly extends the service life of CROSSCUT.

Quick and easy tooth carrier unriveting

Only one copper rivet guarantees the positive locking saw body connection of each individual inserts. This allows for quick and easy inserts changes.

Maximum noise reduction

The expansion slots with copper rivets at the end and the triple copper riveted laser patterns, which effectively absorb a majority of the vibration which occurs, effectively lessen noise in the CROSSCUT.


We will regenerate your inserts to our strict quality specifications or – in a hurry – we will exchange them for regenerated inserts.