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STABILO circular saw blades

STABILO . Graduated to the advanced technology saw class

Developing the Graduated Saw Blade Technology AST first allowed sawmills to optimise their productivity long term. Now, high-capacity reducing and profiling lines primarily use the Graduated Saw Blade Technology AST.

The striking STABILO circular saw blades allow for small kerfs in rough and fine cutting, particularly with markedly high feed rates and large cutting heights, and feature a high durability to
convince you. Renowned machine manufacturers therefore equip their particularly strong rough cutting aggregates, and increasingly even fine cutting units, with graduated circular saw blades.

Just as our BASIC circular saw blades, we can additionally integrate CoolCut into the STABILO graduated blade profile.

We manufacture STABILO circular saw blades for EWD, Linck, SAB and Veisto HewSaw machines, among others.

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STABILO circular saw blades

The HDS plus factors of STABILO

Individual blade profile

No two STABILO are alike, since each circular saw blade has a custom blade profile taking your cutting program into account, with single or dual gradation on one or both sides. This always ensures the optimal dynamic rigidity which the outstanding performance of the STABILO class is based on.

Reduced kerf or increased feed rate

The particularly high dynamic rigidity of the core achieved using the Graduated Saw Blade Technology yields two particularly beneficial options. For one, the kerf can be reduced whilst maintaining the feed rate, and on the other hand the feed rate can be reduced whilst maintaining the kerf. Both result in a significant increase in efficiency.

Energy saving

Compared to a straight circular saw blade, STABILO is a true energy saved, since the kerf reduction generates less pressure, which in turn results in energy savings for you.

Long service life

The name “STABILO” alone suggests the extremely solid and robust saw body, which in and of itself already means a long life and further allows for multiple regenerations.

Low level of heating

With the thinnest point of the STABILO circular saw blade being at the tooth area, the frictional heat generated by sawdust here is reduced significantly. This factor, which is so critical in stability, can be further enhanced by the CoolCut option.

Chip clearance slots facing

The STABILO can optionally also use facing chip clearance slots, which protects the collar from excessive heating, thus burns, on the model end.

Reduced bearing load

Using smaller distance rings significantly reduces strain on the bearing load on the shaft. In addition it makes it easier to handle when changing the circular saw blade, since it only requires distance rings in the machine flange diameter.