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Perfect for heavy duty rough and fine cuts

Graduated circular saw blades continue to define the Standard in the heavy duty segment to this day, since modern sawmills didn’t have access to a highly efficient circular saw blade until the “AST Graduated Saw Blade Technology” was developed.

STABILO class circular saw blades have since long taken root in sawmills. They’re used for the rough cut, and for a few years now also more and more for fine cuts, and ensure highly efficient tool use.


HDS circular saw blade for rough cuts

Rough cutting exposes circular saw blades to extreme strain. Increasing feed rates and large cutting heights not only require an optimal design, but also an extremely durable material quality as well as precise machining. It’s not a surprise, since speed, kerfs and cutting heights greatly contribute to productivity, thus the profitability of the saw line.

The goal is for each sawmill to be identical at the core, since generally the same success factors apply:

The competing goals can only be realised at a balanced ratio. Today, the “AST Graduated Saw Blade Technology” allows us to optimise this magic ratio even more. The introduction of the “graduated” STABILO circular saw blade has allowed sawmills to operate much more efficiently.

To achieve the greatest lumber yield possible with also a preferably high feed rate in rough cutting, we only recommend STABILO class circular saw blades with Graduated Saw Blade Technology (AST) designed specifically for your cutting jobs. Featuring high dynamic rigidity, our STABILO can handle even extreme strain such as in rough cutting due to the different cutting heights combined with high feed rates. The high stability of the circular saw blade body allows for the minimal kerf design in STABILO. Reducing the kerf in turn results in lower cutting force, thus reducing the energy requirement. In addition, the lumber yield is increased so that with certain cutting programs, moving to the next greater log diameter or the next larger box in the log yard can be avoided – or more fittingly – “spared”.

Trust in the highly efficient STABILO with “AST Graduated Saw Blade Technology” for rough cuts and use our “SoWa Sawmill Optimised Tool Design” for a premium product to best fit your cutting program, thus already guaranteeing a crucial competitive advantage in rough cutting.

HDS circular saw blade for fine cut

For efficient fine cuts with a high feed rate we always recommend our STABILO fine cut circular saw blade graduated on one or both sides. The STABILO blade profile developed specifically for fine cutting effectively compensates the laterally balanced relative strength which occurs when sawing consistent medium to high cutting heights with. This even allows minimal kerfs in fine cuts.

After increasing lumber yield in rough cutting, STABILO –  the second time now – increases the recovery rate in fine cuts. Over the year you virtually benefit from this competitive edge in double.

Our tried and tested BASIC is excellent for trim cuts with low cutting heights and high feed rates. Our “SoWa Sawmill Optimised Tool Design” philosophy also applies here. It requires analysing your machine data, the desired feed rates, the cutting height of the primary product, as well as the type of wood to be cut for us to design a particularly efficient circular saw blade.

Take advantage of this development concept, since high-quality HDS-Sawmill Tools offer profitable advantages, shift after shift, day after day, and year after year!

We manufacture HDS circular saw blades for Costa Righi, EWD, Holtec, Hundegger, Kallfass, Linck, Möhringer, Paul, Raimann, SAB, Springer, USNR and Veisto HewSaw machines, among others.