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CANTERCUT chipper canter

First class chipping with CANTERCUT

Our CANTERCUT chipper canters feature up to 8 stages depending on the width to be chipped, with the number of knives per stage varying by feed rate, speed and the desired wood chip length. Mounted guides are available for the optimal wood feed.

Depending on your needs, HDS chipper canters may be equipped with sizing rings or smoothing knives. This allows it to respond
to different requirements with respect to the cutting surface and wood chips. Optimised, large chip ejection openings ensure gentle wood chip ejection. For easy mounting all wear parts can be replaced with the chipper canter mounted. Depending on requirements all CANTERCUT chipper canters mass can be reduced (high dynamics) or increased (smooth operation with flywheel mass).

We manufacture HDS CANTERCUT chipper canter for Linck, EWD, SAB, Söderhamn, Veisto HewSaw and Prechtl machines, among others.

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CANTERCUT chipper canter

The HDS plus factors of CANTERCUT

Robust tool steel construction

The CANTERCUT chipper canter is milled from tool steel with the usual precision. This ensures low wear and prevents damage. The particularly robust CANTERCUT is therefore already designed for a long tool life.

Modular design

All HDS chipper canters have a modular design. The basic construction of the CANTERCUT can easily be modified to fit various manufacturers. In the field, CANTERCUT can be seen in chippers of leading manufacturers such as Linck, EWD, SAB, Söderhamn, Veisto HewSaw, Prechtl, etc.

High resharpening section and long knife life

HDS knives are used in the tried and tested quality with a long service life. In addition, the construction provides a large resharpening section to extend the life of the knives.

Quick set-up times

CANTERCUT chippers feature easy replacement of all wear parts and quick tool change. For example the knife holders, among other things, can be replaced individually. Optimised screws guarantee all connections can quickly be undone.

Consistently high wood chip quality

The structural tool arrangement allows CANTERCUT to deliver a consistently high wood chip quality.

Rough and fine cut type

CANTERCUT chipper canters are available in rough and fine cut styles.

Optional knife optimisation

The geometry of the smoothing knives, the knife steel quality or the style sizing ring used can be adapted to the specific application at the sawmill.