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HDS . The Sawmill Tool Company

Distance rings

It’s only as good as the sum of all parts

High-precision, very elaborately produced circular saw blades are optimal combined with distance rings of the same level quality. Only combining perfectly coordinated circular saws blades and distance rings will yield optimal efficiency.

And you will benefit long term, since we only use tempered steels or high-strength aluminium for our distance rings.

We manufacture HDS distance rings for Costa Righi, EWD, Linck, Paul, Raimann, SAB and Veisto HewSaw machines, among others.

HDS distance rings PDF
Distance rings

SoWa Sawmill Optimised Tool Design

We manufacture distance rings matched to your exact cutting programs and machine model (bore, key ways, pin holes etc.), ranging from 80 to 390 mm in diameter, 0,3 to 175,0 mm thick in 0,1 mm increments and a bore tolerance of + 0,05 to + 0,10 mm (upon request also H7). For ground sizing rings we guarantee the following tolerances: Gauge tolerance +/- 0,01 mm (< 1,0 mm +/- 0,03 mm), parallelism and levelness within 0,02 mm. Mostly aluminium distance rings are precision turned with gauge tolerance +/- 0,02 mm.