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PROFILCUT profiler cutter

High-quality wood chips with an almost tear-free wood surface

HDS designs and manufactures profiler cutters for machines by leading manufacturers such as Linck, EWD, Veisto HewSaw and Prechtl. We supply standard replacement cutters as well as PROFILCUT profiler cutters with an optimised shape and function. Here the focus is on achieving a virtually to even completely tearfree wood surface. In addition, we focus on an equal structure on the left and right, long service lives, replaceable knife holders, as well as a quick knife change.

The modular construction yields cutting widths of up to 200 mm per cutter head. Depending on the desired wood chip size, feet rate and blade diameter, PROFILCUT can hold up to 8 knives.

We can even manufacture special purely tungsten carbide tipped cutter heads which only product wood shavings.

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PROFILCUT profiler cutter

Optimised geometries

The enhanced shape yields an optimal wood surface which is virtually tear-free.

Modular design

The modular design of PROFILCUT allows it to easily be modified to profiler machines of different manufacturers.

High resharpening section and long knife life

HDS knives are used in the tried and tested quality with a long service life. In addition, the construction allows for a large resharpening section.

Quick set-up times

PROFILCUT features simple replacement of all wear parts and quick tool change. The knife holders can be replaced individually, with the right and left usually being identical.

Demand-oriented optimisation

The following options are available for PROFILCUT: Knife geometries and knife steel qualities matched to the application, optimised sizing ring kerf and varied sawdust-wood chip ratio.