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HDS . The Sawmill Tool Company

System components

Quality across all components

Those who prefer premium products doesn’t need to pass on the decades of experience HDS-Group has to offer with regard to complementary system components. Experience which is reflected in extremely durable and steady machine parts of the highest international industry standard. We therefore manufacture all machine components from high-strength speciality steels using state-of-the-art 5 axis CNC machines in a reproducible quality.

Here you will find select HDS system components for chippers and cutters from our product line. Please contact us if your machine manufacturer or the tool component is not listed.

We manufacture HDS system components for EWD, Linck, SAB and Veisto HewSaw machines, among others.

HDS system components PDF
System components

SoWa Sawmill Optimised Tool Design

Our product line includes all system components associated with sawmill tools, ranging from knife-, sizing ring- and segment carriers to pressure plates, chip breakers and chip deflectors all the way to feed plates and feed sheets, sawmill tool.

Just as with all HDS products, you will also benefit from our “SoWa Sawmill Optimised Tool Design” in system components. We therefore not only deliver outstanding material and manufacturing quality in our system components, but their construction and functionality are also optimised.