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TRIMCUT circular saw blades

Trimmed for cutting precision and stability

TRIMCUT is a very robust circular saw blade designed specifically for trimming. TRIMCUT delivers outstanding cutting precision with particularly high stability in trimming square timber and slab timber as well as trimming round timbers.

Along with it,  the special saw body and the purposefully incorporated internal tension ensure extremely smooth operation. With the tooth geometry adapted specifically for trimming and cross cutting prevent the bottom of the wood from fraying.

The expansion slots near the tooth area, copper riveted or with end hole, prevent deflection of the circular saw blade on heating, ensuring maximum cutting precision. Additional, optionally copper riveted, vibration-reducing laser patterns in the saw body ensure lasting noise reduction.

We manufacture TRIMCUT circular saw blades for Hundegger, Kallfass, SAB and Springer machines, among others.

HDS TRIMCUT circular saw blades PDF
TRIMCUT circular saw blades

The HDS plus factors of TRIMCUT

Extremely smooth running

The internal tensioning incorporated into the special saw body styles is the reason for the extremely smooth operation of TRIMCUT. And the smoothness has a positive impact on the stability of the circular saw blade.

Tear-free cutting results

Torn edges are a thing of the past; our TRIMCUT not only cuts the top but also the bottom clean without tearing, guaranteeing a perfect cut in trimming and cutting to length.

Deflection-free cuts

Even with the circular saw blade running at maximum load at full speed and expanding from the frictional heat which occurs, expansion slots with end holes or optionally copper riveted, keep TRIMCUT in shape. This effectively eliminates the risk of deflection.

Maximum noise reduction

Riveted laser patterns specifically spread across the saw body and directly absorbing the majority of vibration responsible for the noise level, ensure noise reduction.